I am currently serving as the lead church planter of Church on the Rock in Port Coquitlam (Metro Vancouver). I served as Outreach minister at Greenwood Baptist Church near Fort Worth, Texas for 5 years. We have seen lives in our community and in our Church changed by serving in practical ways on a consistent basis. From the tremendous experience we have had at Greenwood, and now at Church on the Rock, God has allowed me to travel to different cities across the continent training up churches in Kindness Outreach to help their church connect with the community. If you are interested in having me train your church or church leaders please contact me. We call our trainings Kindness Explosions. (check out Kindness Explosion tab on home page)

I also love to coach over the phone, through email, or meeting up for coffee if you are local.

Please contact me if you are at all interested or have any questions:

Phone: 604-440-3420

Instagram / Twitter: @austincooper89

Instagram: #Kindnessoutreach




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