Mother’s Day Outreach

The Saturday before Mother’s day is a great time for your church to buy a bunch of  carnations and do a Free Mother’s Day Carnation giveaway. Try dividing into different teams to go to different areas of your community to pass these out. In the past We have sent teams to businesses, nursing homes, hospitals, sporting events and parks. We have even sent teams that go to traffic lights and give flowers to people in their cars when they stop at a red light.



flower giveaway

When we started this outreach we focused on women, but we quickly realized that men and kids get as excited receiving a flower to give to their wife or mom as moms do. We coach our teams to simply say “We are serving our community today to show God’s love in a practical way by giving out free carnations, do you want a red or yellow carnation?”

This outreach will quickly become a favorite of your church and one that people look forward to serving at year after year.





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