Valentine’s Day Outreach

Valentines Day can be extremely lonely for some people. We like to go around passing out packets with Valentines day candy and an outreach card packed in them to businesses to let people know that God loves and cares for them in a practical way. We usually simply tell people what we are doing, thank them for working on a holiday, and after we give out the candy packs we ask if we can say a quick 10 second prayer for those we are serving.

One lady that we met on this outreach reached out to us and said that she actually threw away the candy due to her diet, but she remembered the kindness and 10 second prayer.

This is a profound statement. Many people are reminded that they are alone on valentines day, but when we step out to love through simple acts of kindness done with no strings attached, even if those we are serving aren’t wanting what we are materially offering, God’s kindness and love moves through us to reach those that are hurting and lonely.

A friend of mine that has been doing Kindness Outreach around Waco, Texas lead a group that went out around midnight on valentines night last year and gave out brownies to those having to work. He said this created a big splash in the community. You can read about that here: Brazos Meadow’s Church Valentine’s Outreach Recap. Love that idea.

What you Need:

Small Plastic Bag

Valentines Day Candy

Connection Card

Where To Go:



Apartment Complexes



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