Brazos Meadow’s Church Valentine’s Outreach Recap

I got a very encouraging email from one of the pastors that we coach in Kindness Outreach named Scott Hedges. Scott had told me his church, Brazos Meadows in Waco, Texas, was doing a Valentines Outreach where they were going to bring bags with baked goodies and connection cards to those having to work the midnight shift on Valentines. The response below is an email of Steve’s to me telling me how the outreach went.

It was a great time.  We had 12 Youth and 9 adults.  We sorted food and headed out in teams of three just after midnight.  The first team started at Wal-Mart.  I had my concerns whether they’d even let us in or let us stay. We met with the store manager and she was overwhelmed to the point of tears.  Not only did she let us stay, she gave us free run to every department and invited us to walk up and down each isle.  Can you believe that?  We met one employee and told her who we were.  She said she knew about Brazos Meadows.  When we asked her how, she pulled out our Outreach card and said we paid for her laundry last month.  Pretty cool huh?  I don’t know where she stands “spiritually” but if she’s not a believer, I’ll guarantee her attitude about God and the church are changing! 

We visited everything from gas stations, to fast food restaurants and even hotels.  Some were a bit skeptical (which is understandable) but we were well received by all.  We even had one of our Youth pray for the night manager at Domino’s Pizza.  Can you imagine having an 11th grader come to your job, show you God’s love by handing out some baked goodies and then offering to pray for you and your family?  Incredible stuff!

By the way, if you show up to your local Police Department at 1:30am (with a couple of bags in hand), they will dispatch  officers to check you out. We have a great relationship with our PD so everything was fine.  They were very grateful that we thought of them too.  So other than a few people falling asleep in SS, I’d say it was a great success.

Hopefully this email will encourage you that God is using Kindness Outreach in different churches all around the nation to reach people. We will be having more pastors, from different church, write articles and share stories in the months to come. If you would like to be apart of this, please contact me.

  1. Justin said:

    Sic ‘Em Brazos Meadows!! I always enjoyed working with Scott Rhodes for Youth Camp!

  2. chilimac02 said:

    Sic ‘Em Brazos Meadows!! I always enjoyed working with Scott Rhodes for Youth Camp stuff!!

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