Outreach Highlights

In the past few weeks we have had a Church wide outreach on valentines day, a small group take out trash at a local apartment, and our Haiti mission team pass out soda’s and popcorn the day before the Super Bowl. Here is an outline of what we did and some highlights of each outreach.

1. Superbowl Outreach

Something we have done with our Haiti mission teams for the past few years is have the team serve together on a kindness outreach before actually leaving on our trip. We have noticed that the team bonds serving together and expedites the time it takes for a mission team to gel.  If you lead mission teams this is something you should consider.

The day before the Super Bowl our team passed out free popcorn and Dr. peppers door to door at an on campus college apartment. Every time we can, we ask the people we are serving if we can say a quick 10 second prayer, and then ask for specifics. A lot of times the 10 second prayer takes the initial touch of Kindness to a much deeper level. On this outreach we were able to pray for grades, baseball teams, injuries and broken families.


2. Trash Takeout

Small groups play a huge part in our church’s outreach DNA. We ask that our small groups do a kindness outreach on a frequent basis. This past week our young adult small group went to the same on campus apartment mentioned before to take out trash from the student’s apartments to the centralized dumpster and pray 10 second prayers. We like to frequent serving the same places so they know were are committed to loving them in a way Jesus would, rather than saying “Hey we served here, check them off the list”

trashtake outphotophoto

The day after this small group did this outreach we got this exciting and encouraging message:

Hi, I’m a student here at Weatherford College. You guys came by yesterday and prayed for my Roomate and I. And to be really honestly with you something feels different today. I have been going threw a lot with my parents and with school and after that prayer I felt like I wanted to start new again. Start going to church and start being a better person. I wanted to say thank you so much. And hopefully I’ll be seeing you Sunday.

This message highlights the power of praying for those we are serving after the initial touch of kindness.

3. Valentines Day Outreach

On Valentines day we held a church wide outreach where we sent out teams to pass out free valentines day candy with a connection card. Our teams went to parks, businesses, and nursing homes. We passed out nearly 700 packs in just and hour and a half!

A highlight of this outreach came when two girls in our youth group went to a park to pass out the candy packs. Here is their story:

Regan and I were handing out candy at Cartwright Park and we were surprised that no one was there. The only people that were there were all in meeting.  There was a woman off to the side of the meeting watching two children. She and I were debating on whether or not to approach her or if we should just continue on with outreaching to a fuller park. She asked me what I wanted to do and I replied with a casual “I dont know” and started to walk to the woman without really realizing it. Regan followed. We got to the woman, and after reading the card, she looked like she was going to tear up and just said “God truly is good.” She proceeded to tell us that she was a godly woman, but her brother had strayed away from God.  She said she knew God was at work and we just further proved it. We prayed for her, her brother, and her two daughters, and left amazed in God and how He used us. We couldn’t believe we almost left 

From this experience we learned an important element to us reaching out to our community. Although primarily we are reaching out to draw not-yet believers to Christ, God uses our team to encourage other believers to reach out to their friends and family that might not know Christ. It is a blessing to encourage other believers to reach out. I truly believe we won’t know the total effectiveness of reaching out with no strings attached until we get to heaven. God is a God that is not random, and we believe He has a plan for everyone of the people we serve on each of our outreaches.


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