Free Pumpkin Giveaway

During the fall everyone loves pumpkins. Due to this fact, we thought it would be a blast and very effective to serve our community by doing a big Free pumpkin giveaway. We bought 350 pumpkins in bulk (200 small, 150 big), and started brainstorming on different ways would could give all of these pumpkins out to show God’s love in a practical way with no strings attached. Here are the 3 outreaches we came up with that can easily be replicated:

1. Roadside Pumpkin Giveaway

For this outreach we brought 100 of our small pumpkins and 50 of our big pumpkins to give out at a busy traffic light. We had our outreach cards and signs that said “Free Pumpkins” and others that read, “No Donations Accepted.” As cars would pull up to the red light a few servers on our team would approach their window and say, “Would you like a free Big Pumpkin, or a free small pumpkin?”

People were amazed, stunned, and astonished that we were doing this. They would usually get a really big smile on their face and tell us which one they wanted. Many times they had kids in the back of the car that were singing about and celebrating the free pumpkins. One man had 4 kids in the back of his car. He asked, “Why are you doing this for free?”, we were able to tell him that we were displaying the free love of Jesus in a practical way by giving out free pumpkins. He asked if he could have a small pumpkin for each one of his kids. After we gave him his pumpkins the man was deeply moved, asked what church we were with, received an outreach card from us, and then the light turned green. I believe God used us profoundly to draw this man closer to Christ. 

IMG_0442 IMG_0441 IMG_0440 IMG_0439

2. Door to Door Pumpkin Giveaway 

For this outreach we brought 100 of our big pumpkins door to door in 3 different neighborhoods. We simply told homeowners that we were showing God’s love in a practical way by giving away free pumpkins to everyone in the neighborhood. After making connections, we had our teams ask if we could say a quick 10 second prayer for the person/family we were serving. After praying for them we would give them our outreach card that says ” Just for You, Just Because…We hope this small gift brightens your day, there are no strings attached. We just want you to know God loves you.” (on the back its got our church info). If no one was home we would leave the pumpkin with our outreach card on their front porch.

We had a bunch of kids on this outreach and they absolutely took over. They were actually fighting over who got to go to the door and give away the pumpkins next. This is something that can not be overlooked. Anytime you can design an outreach that kids thrive in, it is worth doing over, and over again. We seek to develop an outwardly focused DNA in our kids, and we have found that doing stuff like this yields dividends for their personal evangelism at school or wherever they may be spending their time. For more on this, click on this link.

IMG_0443 IMG_0448 IMG_0449 IMG_0450

3. Nursing home Pumpkin Giveaway

For this outreach we sent our team to nursing homes with 100 small pumpkins to decorate and write kind/encouraging words on the pumpkins. We even brought a friendly dog with us to meet the people living at the nursing homes. The leader who thought of this outreach mentioned that if someone would have brought her mom a pumpkin with a simple decoration and an encouraging sentence on it, that would have deeply touched not just her mom, but the entire family.

There is something moving and touching about serving those who could never attend your church gathering. When we serve with no expectations or no strings attached, we are projecting the light and life of Christ on those we are serving in a pure way. To serve in a way Jesus did always moves, and deeply touches those we are serving, families of those we are serving, and those of us that are serving God by serving others. Anytime we send teams to do something at our local nursing homes, they always come back humbled and encouraged.





We had so much fun during the pumpkin giveaway that we have decided that as a church, this will be something we do every year to display the love of Christ in a fun and creative way to our community. In fact it was so much fun, throughout the fall we will feature some of these outreaches, like the roadside pumpkin giveaway, on a consistent basis. Its not too late for you or your church to get in on the pumpkin fun. Whether you do it this year or plan on doing it next year, the pumpkin giveaway is a great and simp way to reach your community for Christ.

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