3 Outreaches to Try During Fall

With the change in seasons, comes a change in how we approach to display the love of Christ to our community in practical ways. The season of fall always brings excitement and there are plenty of specifically seasonal outreaches you can do during Autumn. Here are 3 outreaches that you should consider doing during the fall season:

1. Free Coffee at Starbucks

The crispness of Autumn weather draws coffee lovers to Starbucks like nothing else. One of our favorite outreaches to do is to send a team to Starbucks or a local coffee shop, buy a gift card with usually around $200 on it, and give it to the employee at the cash register so when people order, they can tell them that their coffee has been payed for. We usually either sit at a visible table inside or the tables right outside the door. We ask the employees to simply point to our table and say, “The people at the table over there paid for your coffee today.” Excited customers instinctively come over to thank us and ask why we are paying for everyone’s coffee. This is a great time to give them your outreach card and tell them that you are displaying the free love of Jesus in a practical way today by buying coffee for everyone. 

We have noticed over time, the employees of Starbucks really get excited when we do this outreach. In fact some employees even ask us if they can tell customers why we are buying everyone’s coffee, give out our outreach cards, and tell them what church we are with! We love to let them do this so they can experience the life changing power of advancing God’s kingdom through tangible, practical kindness.

IMG_0282IMG_0298 IMG_0283 IMG_0284 IMG_0285 IMG_0286

2. Leaf Raking

I love the fall, but the thing i hate the most about the season, is having to rake my lawn. Leaf raking can be very burdensome when you are doing it all alone. When we do it as a group and do it for other people it becomes a blast. Kids, teenagers, and adults can all work together at this outreach. Simply grab some rakes, gloves, and trashbags and go to a neighborhood with a lot of leaves. Tell the homeowners you are raking the leaves of the entire neighborhood, just to show God’s love in a practical way! Make sure you mention it is free and you are not taking donations. Spend time talking to the homeowner and after you are done ask to pray a quick 10 second prayer for them!

leaf raking outreach 3 leaf raking outreachphotoleaf raking outreach 1leaf raking outreach 2leaf raking outreach 4photo 2leaf raking.jpg1

3. Free Pumpkin Giveaway

Whether they like to put them up as decoration, or season and roast their seeds to eat, everyone loves a pumpkin during the fall season. This is why free pumpkin giveaways can be very effective in reaching and serving others. Simply find an apartment complex, or neighborhood that the homes or close together, and go door to door telling people that you are giving away pumpkins for free to show God’s love in a practical way. With outreaches like this we usually like to pick a low income area of our community that has families with a bunch of kids.

Pumpkins can be expensive; however, if you can work it out with a distributer, usually you can get them in bulk for pretty cheap. You can also buy 40 or 50 medium sized pumpkins for around $200 from any Wal-Mart.

halloween2 IMG_0278

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