A Reason To Toilet Wash

For 3 years now we have had teams from our church through out the year go and wash toilets for businesses in our community. We simply show up to a business (preferably one that only has a couple of toilets) with toilet washing materials and we say with a big smile “Hello, We are here to wash your toilets for free, and we are not taking donations.” God has allowed us to touch lives through this kindness outreach and I am certain that He will bless you and your church if you will start serving in this way.

toilet washing 1

There are many, but here is our main reason why you and your Church should start washing the toilets of businesses in your community:

We Believe If Jesus Was Here Today, He Would Serve People In This Way

This is what we tell those we are serving after they inevidably ask, “Why in the WORLD would you wash my toilet for free?” And you know What? THEY SIMPLY UNDERSTAND. Whether they are Christians, Not yet believers, atheist, or Buddhist, People relate to Jesus quicker through acts of humble service than anything i have experienced. I don’t know of anything more humbling than washing a strangers toilet! You see our primary goal when we step out into our community is to show people Jesus through our actions. I am certain that if Jesus was here today He would wash toilets to display His love and servanthood to those He was reaching out to. Jesus constantly fought against what others perceived to be “truths” about God’s Kingdom, and he did this through serving in ways that went against the status quo during His earthly minisrty to reveal what His kingdom was truly like. He took time with Children when others saw them as a hindrance, He served and ate with tax collectors and Prostitutes, He healed on the Sabbath, He spoke with respect and kindness to Sinners about Repentance,  and He washed the disgusting, dirty feet of his disciples.

This reminds me of a response we got from a business owner. He said, “Well, Jesus washed feet, so I guess you can wash my toilet.”

Christians today often are stereotyped as judgmental, greedy, prideful know it alls that only serve others when there are strings attached. This is a perceived “truth” that is in direct opposition to how true Christians act and who Jesus is in God’s kingdom. 

When we wash toilets, people see Jesus clearly and forget about any preconcived lies they have believed about Him and His followers. I believe this stories will serve as an example:

One time during an outreach, we came to a gas station where a young adult who was in His mid 20’s worked. He was a self proclaimed Buddhist and seemed like he could care less if we were there or not.  After we served him freely with no strings attached, and prayed a quick 10 second prayer for him. He looked me in the eyes and said. “I want to know more about Jesus”

Another time a storeowner responded “I have never seen Jesus more clearly than through this act of service” 

When i was first asked to go wash toilets by the man who taught me everything I know about kindness outreach, I thought, NO WAY! This is weird, way too out there, way too disgusting, and not something that normal Christ followers would do. However, after praying and thinking about it, I kept coming back to this conclusion:

There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus (who was weird, way out there, and probably even described as disgusting by some) would wash the toilets of those who He was reaching out to, therefore, so should I. 

Here’s Practical side of washing toilets

What You Need:




Toilet cleaner and brush

Paper Towel

Air Freshener

Latex Gloves

Where to Go:

Gas Stations or small stores with only a few toilets work best

What to say:

Walk in the store with your team (2-5 ppl) and say, “We are here to wash your toilets for free today, and we are not taking donations” Tell them why you are doing it after they ask. Serve them and leave the business by asking to say a quick 10 second prayer with the person you served and leaving behind an outreach card from your church.

Just get Started:

Grab a couple of friends from your church and Go! The biggest lie about outreach is that you have to plan, plan, plan. Just get started and adjust from there. Ready Fire Aim!

If you are a pastor reading this, consider taking your staff toilet cleaning in your community. Our staff does this from time to time and it is a great way to show your congregation that you are willing to reach people no matter what that means! Here’s our staff:

toilet washing staff

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