Reaching 1000’s Vs. Reaching 10’s

This Halloween we reached more people in one Kindness Outreach than ever before. We had 3 Free Glow Stick teams and we had 3 reverse trick or treat teams (give away a gift rather than receive candy house to house and to businesses). Collectively we were able make around 4,000 individual connections! It was truly an amazing night:

image 2 photo Halloween halloween2 halloween3IMG_2531 IMG_2825

This begs the question… If we are not able to reach thousands yet, is it worth even reaching out?

I remember feeling overwhelmed when I would read about churches reaching thousands, there was even one outreach in Cincinnati where churches gave out 350,000 free sodas! I would look around and think….There is no way we can reach that many people with our church today. God spoke to me when I was feeling overwhelmed and He showed me that to truly reach a city, a good variety of reaching 1000’s and reaching 10’s is needed

Some of the greatest Kindness Outreaches we have had has been when our teams come back and they have only reached around 10 people. Usually this happens at free laundry days, free leaf raking, and our $1 car wash (wash the car & give away the dollar). However, these outreaches are designed to meet people and spend time getting to know them so that God can use us to reach deeper into their lives. There are plenty of times when we are at an outreach where we will only make about 10 connections that day, but God has allowed us to share the Gospel more in depthly with the people we have reached. Usually our teams come back with the Spirit of God moving in them and they always have stories to tell of someone they were able to make a deep connection with.

The truth is 2 many halloweens we only had 5-10 people giving out free glow sticks. This year we had 6 teams doing 3 different outreaches with over 60 people helping us serve. It takes time for these things to grow and my advice and encouragement to you is this:

Design outreaches where you can reach 1000’s, design outreaches where you can reach 10’s. Again a good variety of both is needed to reach a community.

If you are not to the place where you can reach thousands yet, focus on reaching 10’s and taking time to let God move through your team to reach those you are serving. Remember Jesus said that those who are found faithful in the small things will be given more… this applies to Kindness Outreach as well!

– Austin Cooper

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