Small Things Done With Great Love

In a world where people scream for significance it becomes incredibly hard to see what actually is significant as our culture creates a bigger is always bigger or a bigger is always more significant motto. However, I have found that a lot of times when it comes to eternal significance… something small and discreet may just allow God to do something in your or someone elses life that will have eternal significance.

Hopefully you are familiar with the Liberty Mutual commercials where something small, like picking up trash for someone, is done and another person sees this act of kindness which makes them perform an act of kindness toward someone else. These acts of kindness come full circle and the point of the commercial is to show that something so small as picking up trash can lead to something much greater than yourself. if you are not familiar with these commercials check it out:

I cannot help, but feel that these commercials speak a truth that is too often overlooked in church’s outreach efforts today. Too many times we want to be the one that leads someone to Christ, but we do not care to be the person who pushes an individual closer to Christ by a simple and small act. There is a reason God commands us to do everything with all our heart as if we are doing it for Him (Colossians 3:23) and that is because God uses simple and small things to draw people to him.

Recently I was able to lead a young man named Julyian into accepting Christ. There are an incredible amount small things that seem insignificant that played a huge part in Julyian coming to know Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. I want to show you what I mean:

Julyean came to Christ after going to a see you at the pole rally, Julyean knew about that see you at the pole ralley because he had been visiting our youth group for a week or two before the rally, Julyean started coming to our youth group because of a free block party that our church put on, Julyean came to the block party because of a girl in our youth group that invited him, we put on the block party at our church after canceling a block party in the park due to city issues because an idea that our Associate pastor Sonny had, we got the block party idea from a mission trip we took to S. Dakota where a pastor named Doug was putting on weekly block parties for his community in S. Dakota. Doug was able to put on block parties because of different churches that support his church with mission teams and money. These churches were able to send money or mission teams to S. Dakota because of the generous giving of their congregations.

All of these things came together in order for Julyean to accept Christ. I luckily was able to help lead Julyean to Christ, but if it was not for all of these other things, I would have never got the opportunity. And this is just one linear aspect of the web of small things done that brought Julyean into an eternal relationship with God. The web would also include our youth minister Jon and his linear line down, the speaker at the rally and his linear line down, the people who put together the stage for the rally and their linear lines down, and I don’t think it is too far to say even the people who built the vans (if they built the vans with all of their heart as if they were working for God himself) that brought the kids to the rally and their linear lines down.

You see, as Christians if we do small things with the attitude that we are serving God , God can use what we would see as small insignificant acts to be a significant part of someone coming to know Christ. We like to say small things done with great love can change the world. Think about your own life and realize that God has created a web of small things done with great love to call you to himself, and let this be all the more motivation to love God and others by being an image of Christ even in small things such as picking up trash, giving someone a drink, answering your phone, etc.

For those of you in Weatherford we will be putting this concept in action this Sat. Oct. 22nd by passing out free candy in order to show God’s love in a practical way. We will go around the city passing out free candy with cards that simply say “we hope this small gift brightens your day, there are no strings attached, we just want you to know that God loves you.” We will meet at Taco Casa at 10 am. Come be involved in such a small, yet significant outreach that could prove to make a difference in someone’s eternal destiny.

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