Outreach for 2 or 3

I have talked to many people at different churches that want to get an outreach ministry started at their church; however, they feel that their church is too small or there would not be enough help to support their outreach ministry. The great thing about God is that he can do awesome things with a group even as small as 2 or 3 . Saturday we had a group of 3 go out and pass out water and gatorade to people that were working in the heat or to people that were at parks in the hot Texas sun. We would approach people with the drinks and with a big smile on our face we would say, “Hey, we saw you out here in the heat and we thought that we would show you Christ’s love in a very practical way by bringing you water and gatorade….. so do you want water or gatorade?” Many people celebrated when we came up to them since they were hot and thirsty. We had many people ask us more about our ministry of showing God’s love in practical ways. We got to pray with various people that had prayer requests from the health of a husband who just had a liver transplant to a man who just wanted to continue to enjoy life. One lady stopped us and with tears in her eyes told us that it was remarkable for us to be ministering to people in this way.

The truth is, is that our group of three did very little, but God did much. I have been studying John the Baptist lately and all he did was pave the way for Jesus to come in and do His ministry. Jesus stated that John the Baptist was the greatest man to be born at that time and his ministry was simple… pave the way for Jesus to do his work. I feel like too many times in outreach ministry we try to make things way to complicated. We think we need a hundred people with a 100 thousand dollar budget to reach anybody, but the truth is that all we need to do is find people who want to pave the way for Christ to do His ministry. Maybe you have heard of the design principle K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid). For us on Saturday, that came in the form of 3 people who wanted to pave the way for Christ going out on a hot day to give people a water or gatorade, which was so simple, and with a big smile on our face say, “God loves you and wants to know you”.

Numbers are great and I pray that you who are having problems getting an outreach ministry going at your church will start being blessed by many people showing up and wanting to pave the way for Christ, but nowhere in the bible does God choose to use the biggest and strongest people to do His will. In fact God seems to always use the smallest and weakest to achieve something great and I truly believe that is how He still functions.

Keep it simple, do something small. Small things done with great love will change the world.

-Austin Cooper

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