Children’s Role in Outreach

One of the greatest joys that I receive when we step out as a church to serve the community is when children are involved. We have been participating in various outreaches for about 9 months now and it always is exciting to see kids getting involved in outreach and being effective for the kingdom of God. Whether it is a specific outreach we do with kids or whether the kids are brought by their parents, the truth is if we have kids on our outreach team we as adults are blessed to have them and more so the people that are being served by these little ones are greatly touched.

Recently we have had great turn outs from our youth and our children in our outreaches. Whether it is the 3 year old that helped us wash car’s for free, the 7 year old that came with us door to door asking people if we could rake their yards in order to show them God’s love in a practical way, or the 8 year old that just serves with a big smile on their face we have been greatly blessed by kids getting excited about reaching others. We took a group of 5th and 6th graders to pass out Dr. peppers around Weatherford in order to show God’s love in a practical way recently and I have never seen an outreach group more excited to go reach people than these kids were. One of the kid’s fathers came up to me and said that his son still talks about how exciting that outreach was for him and constantly wants to know when he can do it again.

I must mention Colby, a 7 year old, who just this last week while we were going business to business washing front door windows deemed himself as the leader of our outreach team. At first I attempted to humble him by saying we are all leaders, but as time went on it was evident that God was using Colby to lead our excitement level about reaching people. We allowed Colby to go up to the store owners and explain that we were trying to show God’s love in a practical way by washing their windows. The store owners more often than not would be shocked and tell us to go for it. Colby would literally sprint from talking to the store manager or owner to go grab some glass cleaner and a paper towel to start washing the windows. After our team was  done making the windows look spotless we would let Colby go and bring the store owners our outreach card that just tells them that we hope this small service brightens their day and that we just wanted to let them know God loves them. The faces of the store managers were priceless as Colby, a 7 year old, was so passionate to reach them with the love of Christ. Colby became a hero that day during our outreach.

The fact is that Christ is the true hero when we reach out to others because if it was not for him we would fail in every attempt to reach out to people; however, Christ makes children and adults alike into heroes during outreach and this is a truth that I have been able to see first hand, especially this last Saturday (Everyone did a fantastic job and it was a lot of fun). I am very excited about the culture of serving that our adults are instilling into our children and vice-versa. I have seen God use children to further his kingdom and there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that has served with children that are excited about reaching people that God can, will, and is using them to further his kingdom.

– Austin Cooper

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  1. Sandra Jo said:

    AMAZING!!! I can’t belive all the things you guys have done, I am in aw in everything you do. I wish we had one of these programs but not enough people willing to help but it is all in God’s plan. 🙂

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