Red Box Outreach

Ever since I started studying outreach ideas, specifically servant evangelism I have always thought a Red Box was an excellent place to reach people. The main problem with using a red box as an outreach point is that it is usually inside and owned by a company that will hesitate to allow you to do an outreach there. However I have learned that if God wants you to do it he will prepare and pave the way for you. He did just that. Me and one of my friends at the church were allowed to set up a small table right by an outside Red Box. At the booth we had free Diet and Regular Dr. Pepper, water, as well as popcorn. Who does not want a soda and some popcorn to go along with their movie?

As people walked up to order their movie we would ask them if they wanted diet or regular. They would usually say what is this for (thinking we were asking for donations) and we would reply ” We just are trying to show God’s love in a practical way” and that we will in no way accept donations. One lady opened her wallet and try to pay for some Dr. Pepper and we said no its fee and she said well do you take donations? After explaining that we were just their to serve people and to show God’s love in a practical way she said, ” Hmm how odd.” and walked off…I don’t even remember if she took a drink or any popcorn.

There were two stories that highlighted the evening: One man took a Dr. Pepper and our card that says why we do this and he got a little quiet and told us that he had been growing a lot closer to God in the past week due to his wife’s car wreck. I asked him what her name was and how she was doing and he told me her name and said that she is fine now, but it scared him. I asked him if I could pray for her and he looked a little shocked and simply told me that, that would be great if I would. I did not pray for him right there, maybe I should have, but he seemed to know that we would pray for him through out our week. He told me he needs to get back in church and I invited him to my home church, but assured him that we are not doing this to pull people away from their church, but we truly just want to serve people. He thanked us and got in his car with is wife and waved good-bye as he pulled out of the parking lot.

My partner at the booth got to serve a lady a Dr. Pepper and even got to have a really good conversation with her. This lady seemed very distraught and I do not know the contents of their conversation since it was between two women, but Eva (the girl working the booth with me) mentioned that she had gone through some divorces and had some tattoos that represented that. Eva talked with her and asked if she could pray for her and the lady agreed to let her do that. Like I said I am not sure what the full conversation was about, but I know that a simple Dr. Pepper led to Eva being able to pray for someone who needed it.

If you are planning to do this there are a few things to know. Some people were not willing to receive a free drink or popcorn because i think they still thought there was a catch…i forgot our no donations accepted sign and had no free drink sign so it was all us having to ask people if they wanted a free drink which sounds similar to what other people do when they want donations. Always bring a sign that says what you are giving away and always bring a no donations accepted sign. So that was a downside to this outreach, but for the many people that took a drink or a popcorn I am sure that they recieved a bit of God’s love at a Red Box…. showing God’s love at a Red Box, who would have ever thought that would be possible.

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